I used to be a chef and co-founded Brompton Food Market and The Hour Glass. Now I just write.

I have resurrected this old website to give my unpublished writing a home, so ideally it will remain bereft of writing, for I have bills to pay and children to feed. From this day forward my only income will come from words on a page so if you have the ability to pay people for writing words then I urge you to get in touch. I don’t write for ‘exposure’ –  I’m forty years old.  I write about many things but especially food and mental health. Oh, and I’m writing a book about food and mental health which I’ll tell you about soon.

I am married to Sara – she calls me ‘froggy eyes’. I have a son, Murdo and a daughter, Sula. Murdo told me that his dinner last night was ‘disappointing’, Sula is the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen. I eat a lot.