The dog ate my blog…

…….every week since August. Sorry Miss.

I don’t have a dog. Not since my Dad got ‘allergic’ and we had to send it away to a ‘farm’. I’m sure its still there bounding after rabbits and servicing sheep dogs. That the roses were supremely good that year is, I’m sure, coincidence.

I’ve just been a bit lazy and had other projects on the go. Like re-inventing the ice cream van, ahhhhhh! and thinking about  a 5 month trip round Britain cooking organic vegetables in a Yurt, ooooooh! Exciting stuff- I’ll (hungry dog not-withstanding) keep you posted.

I hope everyone had a nice Easter. Praise the Lord for Jesus is risen. Etc. I trust that you celebrated the zombiefication of JC by shoving vegetable oil-heavy cheap chocolate down your gullet. Thats the Christian way. A bit of Chocco Orange to celebrate his birth and a nice Smarties egg to rejoice in his cave escape. They should start doing communion with Kit Kat and Vimto.

We spend more per head on chocolate than any other European nation apart from Switzerland- but that’s only because they eat that expensive nonsense that has actual chocolate in it. In terms of sheer tonnage, we are miles ahead.

I like a Star Bar.

Underrated in the crap chocolate pantheon but nutty and caramelly and brilliant. You can keep your boring old Dairy milk which out sells every other bar by more than two to one. A nice Star Bar. That’ll do me.

I invite you to share your crap chocco faves.

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