Biscay banqueting

I recently had the good fortune to eat some of the best food in the world, in one of  the most stunning  places in the world, sitting  close by to three of my favourite people in the world. The food, I shall tell you all about below, I was deep in the Basque country and I was surrounded on all sides by my exceptionally brilliant nieces and nephew.

I went to Spain, you see, with the lovely girlfriend-  for my little brother’s wedding to Saray Marcos Otxoa……..or Saray Mackay as she is now. Which makes me laugh – like Anna Spanner. Or Claire Bear. Why Aye Saray Mackay.

That might just be me?

Anyway. Their wedding was magnificent and I shall tell you mainly about the food because it was generous and delightful and, with the speeches and Rioja, made me cry like a little girl. On the table there were platters of the acorn fed pig that I raved about in a previous blog, along with meltingly smooth foie gras and chewy bread. We were brought roast langoustine which I ripped apart with my fingers and greedily sucked brains and fishy goodness from their heads- then tender octopus, prawns and whole grilled lobsters.

When all 130 guests were stuffed to the gills with the finest, most luxurious food Poseidon himself could offer up, we were brought beef. Now then……..This was not just any beef……. This was aged fillet of beef- lovingly hung, assertively seasoned and flung with gay abandon onto fierce heat until charred and smoky without, and scarlet juicy perfection within. Served simply on a pillow of ethereal potato puree, it was sublime. My non-fish eating brother-in-law ate six.

So thank you brother Ben, sister Saray (Mackay), Mum and Dad and of course and indeed particularly, Saray (Mackay’s)  fantastic parents too- it was the best wedding food ever and, Havana in hand, looking out over the Bay of Biscay, I was flushed with familial pride and incredible cask-aged Rioja.

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